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Will not take place in 2012

Cavitt School Granite Bay, CA

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30K - 50K - 50Mile Description

All courses will start on the dirt levee (approximately a 5 minute walk from the school) and finish at Cavitt School.  Event staff personnel will lead all runners from the school to the levee at 6:15 A.M.

All races will begin promptly at 6:30 A.M.  A small flashlight or headlamp is recommended for the start.  Lights can be dropped at the first aid station (State Parks Administration Building) and retrieved at the finish line at the conclusion of the race. 

The terrain for all three course distances is 99% pavement.  Runners will start from the levees and continue south on the trail towards Beal's Point, Folsom Lake.  The American River Parkway adjoins at Beal's Point and runners will head downstream.  There is decomposed granite on both sides of the American River Parkway for runners seeking some cushion. 

All three course distances will remain on the American River Parkway towards Main Bar/Hazel Bluffs.  This is the turnaround for the 30K event.  There will be a sign and a monitor at the turnaround for the 30K.  Runners will run the same route in reverse back to Cavitt School where the 30K will finish.    

The 50K and 50 Mile runners will continue from the 30K point and run up and over the Hazel Bridge. The course loops around towards the Aquatic Center.  Runners will remain on the Parkway for approximately 6 miles, where they will reach the entrance to the Lake Natoma Inn parking lot.  This is the turnaround for both the 50K and 50 Mile events. 

Runners will repeat their loop in reverse. 

The 50K event will finish at Cavitt School. 

The 50 Mile event will complete their 50K loop and then head back out from the school to the levee and downstream.  Runners will complete the 30K loop out and back for a total of 50 miles.   

**No Pacers are allowed in the 30K, 50K and 50Mile events.