Last Chance 50

Will not take place in 2012

Cavitt School Granite Bay, CA

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Sub 11 at the 11th hour!

Crew Instructions

State Parks Administration Building
From Cavitt School, proceed left out of the parking lot back onto Fuller Drive. Make a left at the light onto Auburn-Folsom Road.  Auburn-Folsom Road becomes Folsom-Auburn Road.  Continue on Folsom-Auburn Road ~ 1.9 miles.  The State Parks Administration Building is on the left.

Laguna Bridge
If you are coming from the State Parks Admin Building, make a left on Folsom-Auburn Road.  Continue on Folsom Blvd. ~ 3 miles. Merge onto US-Hwy 50 West towards Sacramento. Take exit 21 for Hazel Avenue. Turn right onto Hazel Avenue.  Take the first right.  This will lead you to the State Parks Kiosk.  After passing through the kiosk, follow the road along the bike path.  There is a parking lot on the left where you can park to meet your runner.