Last Chance 50

Will not take place in 2012

Cavitt School Granite Bay, CA

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Drop Bags

Drop Bags- 50 mile and 50K ONLY

  • All drop bags are collected on race morning at the start.
  • Please look for the proper sign with your desired location.
  • Please label your drop bag with your name and bib number.
  • Drop bags should not be larger than 12" x 18".
  • Please do NOT leave any valuables (keys, iPods, cell phones, etc.)  in your drop bag.
  • NorCalUltras is NOT responsible for the loss of any drop bags.

Drop bag locations: 

  1. Cavitt School (Start, 50K, Finish)
  2. Lake Natoma Inn (turnaround)

Drop bags will NOT be returned to the finish line until after the aid stations close.  

November 12, 2011:
Sunrise - 6:39 A.M.   
Sunset - 4:41 P.M.

Drop Bag Return
All drop bags must be retrieved at the finish line on race day. If you must leave, please have a friend or family member pick up your drop bag. Any unclaimed drop bags on race evening will be donated to charity on Monday following the race. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with our updated policy.
Race management works very hard to expedite drop bag retrieval in a timely manner. However, we ask for your patience.